Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Best Acne Treatment Alternatives

Acne is probably one of the beauty of the skin and the most common problem that almost every individual will experience . But his appearance or proliferation will differ from one person to another . Some lucky people experiencing mild acne problems or obvious but there are also people who suffer from severe acne problem . The good news is that now there are several alternative acne treatments that are proven effective in preventing and completely eliminate these skin concerns .

When trying to treat acne , you can choose the solution can be divided into two categories , the use of over-the - counter or prescription medications , and , natural acne solutions or treatments .

medical alternatives

Applying benzoyl peroxide . When it comes to medical alternatives , benzoyl peroxide is one of the top doctors advice . This chemical compound is antibacterial and anti - inflammatory . It kills the bacteria that cause acne growth .
Salicylic acid . Included in the conventional acne treatment is the application of salicylic acid . This is a mild acid solution that helps remove excess oil and impurities including all the dead skin cells that clog your pores . This is done by peeling the outer layer of skin .
Sulfur . Because acne is basically the concern of excess oil , the best treatment is to keep your skin dry and oil-free . Sulfur just the right formula to do this job . In addition to absorbing all the excess facial oil made ​​by the sebaceous glands , it also helps in drying and finally clear up acne .
Oral or topical retinoid . Retinoids formulated to control excess oil production from the sebaceous glands , and they also prevent the buildup of dead skin cells in the hair follicles of the skin.
Antibiotics . If all the other acne treatments or solutions that are considered to be ineffective , doctors may prescribe antibiotics eventually . Antibiotics can help if severe acne has been increased attention to infection or bacterial problems .
Laser therapy or treatment . The cosmetic industry also has its own alternative , the use of heat or energy laser . A laser treatment aims to control the hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands .
Natural alternative in treating acne

Tea tree oil . Tea tree oil helps treat acne through antibacterial properties . Oil targets the bacteria that trigger the production of pimples and acne . The effectiveness of these natural remedies are often compared with benzoyl peroxide only that the results last longer .
Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice . The main purpose of washing or scrubbing the face with acid or orange juice is to clean the dirt lying in the pores of your skin that contributes to the buildup of acne or pimples .
Honey . Honey can be considered as an alternative to old-fashioned acne treatment . Antibacterial properties have been widely used to solve several skin problems since the time of the early Egyptians .
Clean and dry your face on a regular basis . Most of the time , a simple regimen of cleaning , washing , and drying the skin is more than enough to clear up acne and keep skin acne - free .
Exercise and sweating help . Did you know that sweating is helpful ? When you sweat , you actually pee all the oil and dirt that lie and accumulate in your pores . So if you do not like to exercise , it is the best time to start .
Reduce stress . Changes in lifestyle and reducing stress is also one of the best acne treatment alternative and free . This is because stress and unhealthy lifestyle is one of the causes of and contributors to acne or pimples .


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