Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Best Acne Treatment Alternatives

Acne is probably one of the beauty of the skin and the most common problem that almost every individual will experience . But his appearance or proliferation will differ from one person to another . Some lucky people experiencing mild acne problems or obvious but there are also people who suffer from severe acne problem . The good news is that now there are several alternative acne treatments that are proven effective in preventing and completely eliminate these skin concerns .

When trying to treat acne , you can choose the solution can be divided into two categories , the use of over-the - counter or prescription medications , and , natural acne solutions or treatments .

medical alternatives

Applying benzoyl peroxide . When it comes to medical alternatives , benzoyl peroxide is one of the top doctors advice . This chemical compound is antibacterial and anti - inflammatory . It kills the bacteria that cause acne growth .
Salicylic acid . Included in the conventional acne treatment is the application of salicylic acid . This is a mild acid solution that helps remove excess oil and impurities including all the dead skin cells that clog your pores . This is done by peeling the outer layer of skin .
Sulfur . Because acne is basically the concern of excess oil , the best treatment is to keep your skin dry and oil-free . Sulfur just the right formula to do this job . In addition to absorbing all the excess facial oil made ​​by the sebaceous glands , it also helps in drying and finally clear up acne .
Oral or topical retinoid . Retinoids formulated to control excess oil production from the sebaceous glands , and they also prevent the buildup of dead skin cells in the hair follicles of the skin.
Antibiotics . If all the other acne treatments or solutions that are considered to be ineffective , doctors may prescribe antibiotics eventually . Antibiotics can help if severe acne has been increased attention to infection or bacterial problems .
Laser therapy or treatment . The cosmetic industry also has its own alternative , the use of heat or energy laser . A laser treatment aims to control the hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands .
Natural alternative in treating acne

Tea tree oil . Tea tree oil helps treat acne through antibacterial properties . Oil targets the bacteria that trigger the production of pimples and acne . The effectiveness of these natural remedies are often compared with benzoyl peroxide only that the results last longer .
Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice . The main purpose of washing or scrubbing the face with acid or orange juice is to clean the dirt lying in the pores of your skin that contributes to the buildup of acne or pimples .
Honey . Honey can be considered as an alternative to old-fashioned acne treatment . Antibacterial properties have been widely used to solve several skin problems since the time of the early Egyptians .
Clean and dry your face on a regular basis . Most of the time , a simple regimen of cleaning , washing , and drying the skin is more than enough to clear up acne and keep skin acne - free .
Exercise and sweating help . Did you know that sweating is helpful ? When you sweat , you actually pee all the oil and dirt that lie and accumulate in your pores . So if you do not like to exercise , it is the best time to start .
Reduce stress . Changes in lifestyle and reducing stress is also one of the best acne treatment alternative and free . This is because stress and unhealthy lifestyle is one of the causes of and contributors to acne or pimples .

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Facts About excoriated acne

Have you ever given in to the temptation to squeeze your acne ? While the occasional desire to choose a blackhead or whitehead general , obsessive urge to keep picking harmless skin . Encouragement to keep pressing and initial results are skin blemishes acne criticize , which manifests in the form of red bumps , scratches , open wounds or sores . Why would anyone purposely infuriate their skin ? How do you identify a person suffering from acne excoriating ? Is there a cure ? Read on to investigate .

The word " criticize " refers to scratches or peeling skin . Acne Problems criticized regarded as conduct disorder . It is common among adolescents , which connects them to their facial appearance . Hormonal imbalance associated with adolescent acne not only induce but also creates mood swings . Medical science says that this situation prompt teens to choose their skin to release tension or reduce their emotional pain . This disorder occurs among adults as well , and the woman said to be more prone to acne criticized .

Ironically , these acne sufferers really want to stop picking their acne , but they are bound by an irresistible urge to choose the skin . They may sit in front of the mirror for hours choosing their skin or even use a magnifying mirror to find small acne blemishes . Some even resort to tweezers , knives , pins, nail file , etc. Usually , picking occurs on the face , neck , upper back , arms and other easy to reach areas . Whether intentional or not consciously , choosing only increase the disorder , so set off a vicious cycle . Underlying emotional problems can be depression , anxiety disorder or obsessive - compulsive disorder .

Treatment varies from individual to individual , depending on the emotional state of the patient . It includes a combination of behavior therapy and the treatment of acne . Drug therapy usually involves antidepressant or anti - anxiety to deal with emotional issues related to the problem . Psychological counseling is mandatory for those who suffer from mood disorders . This will help identify the reasons impulses and figure out a way to divert the urge or feeling . In some cases , simply throwing a magnifying mirror can solve the problem !

Well , these facts may seem daunting , but awareness is key to preventing such unwarranted consequences . These facts can certainly help you distinguish the " occasional " desire to eliminate acne of " compulsive " urged to continue to choose your skin . The latter will eventually lead to a condition revolting - both physically and emotionally - that requires medical intervention . Imagine choosing your skin to the extent of permanent damage skin tissue and create a scar .

Acne is the result of hormonal changes that trigger excess sebum production , clogged pores so that support bacterial growth . For teenagers , it will subside as they get older . Regardless of age , there are many natural remedies acne , over-the - counter acne products and prescription treatments to resolve the issue . It is in your best interest to conquer acne and related problems and not pay attention to the temptation of picking and suffer dire consequences such as acne scars , open wounds and non - healing wounds .

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Acne and Age

One hard truth about acne is that you 're never too old for it . Acne does not always disappear after you have crossed teenagers . It is common to see people frown on their acne in their twenties , thirties and even forties . The good news is that acne can be treated regardless of your age . Awareness is the key , so why not get some more insight on this issue ?

Most of us know how teenage acne occurs . This is caused by hormonal fluctuations that cause excessive production of skin oils due to overactive sebaceous glands in your skin . Over the counter lotions and creams which help to remove excess oil can reduce acne to some extent . Combined with daily cleaning routine , teenage acne can be overcome with a good number of acne home remedies and topical treatments . However , adult acne needs to be treated differently . Treatment depends on whether it is late - onset persistent acne or pimples . The first occurred suddenly in spite of generally clear your skin , while the second remains of your teen .

What are the possible causes and implications of adult acne ? In addition to hormonal imbalance , adult acne can be caused by several factors , including genetics and lifestyle , especially stress . In women , the primary cause is pregnancy , menstruation and menopause sometimes . Side effects of certain medications , birth control pills and stop the use of oil-based cosmetic products can also cause acne . In some cases , acne may indicate a health condition or underlying disorder . For example , acne along with excessive facial hair , thinning scalp hair , overweight and irregular menstrual cycle could indicate a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome . The disorder is caused by high androgen and low estrogen levels and imposes a risk of infertility . Acne with fatigue may indicate a thyroid problem . Similarly , sudden acne accompanied by unusual thirst can indicate diabetes . In the case of type 2 diabetes , which inhibits wound healing abilities of your body , treat acne can be difficult .

Again, do not be intimidated because there are acne medications innumerable . First , when you face a sudden breakout of acne in your adult years , it is advisable to consult a doctor and get checked for the underlying disorder . Treating the underlying problem will discuss acne as well . But , if there is no such cause , the basic treatment of acne skin care you will be right . This is because adult skin is generally more sensitive skin than their teens and needs a mild cleaning products . Choose products that contain minor concentrations of benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid . The acne products can destroy the bacteria that cause acne and encourages exfoliation to encourage the growth of healthy skin . Use a moisturizing non - comedogenic which prevents pore - clogging . If you are too stubborn acne , it is wise to consult with a dermatologist , who may prescribe Accutane , Retin-A or antibiotics .

Consider your lifestyle and incorporate stress management activities , such as getting enough sleep, proper exercise , meditation , etc. This will help your body control the excessive production of stress hormones that can cause damage to your skin . Obesity contributes to recurring acne by increasing levels of androgens that trigger your oil glands . Managing stress and weight are very important to cure acne naturally .

Monday, July 8, 2013

3 Steps To Cure Acne Naturally

Many people think that curing acne is not an easy thing to do . That may be true , but curing acne itself is actually a simple thing to do . If you follow the simple process of natural methods of healing acne , then you will be able to cure your acne for good . However , the time it takes for you to cure your acne will really depend on how you take care of your skin and how persistent you follow this method . You can cure acne naturally by following 3 simple steps .

Step # 1 . Resist All Your Acne Development

First of all , when you look at the spread of acne on your face , you should try to stop development in your skin . This means that you need to avoid your acne from spreading even more . You have to stop your acne from getting worse . So , you must stop all activities that can cause acne to get bigger and worse .

For example , these are the things you should avoid when you have acne :

- Eating junk food
- Pinching Your Acne
- Touching your face too often
- Extreme fatigue
- Stress or emotional imbalance
- Dehydration
- Using drugs or drug -free

If you are able to keep your acne under controlled conditions , you will finally be able to heal naturally . Avoiding things is the first step towards freedom of acne .

Step # 2 . Remove Whiteheads

Your acne becomes greater as there are whiteheads in acne that keeps blocking your pores . Whitehead will cause inflammation in your skin . To find out if you still have acne whiteheads or not , you can touch your acne gently with the back of your hand and if you feel sick , then it is an indication that the whitehead has not been removed . If you follow the first steps carefully , you will have a greater opportunity to eliminate your whiteheads from your acne . This is necessary because unless you whitehead will be deleted , your acne will not disappear .

So , the next step you need to do is to remove the whitehead you of your acne . But remember , you can not do this firmly . This will only create more inflammation and make your acne worse the next day .

Step # 3 . Speed ​​Up the Process of Restoration

After whiteheads you will be removed from your acne , then you will no longer have to worry about it . Your skin will naturally begin to recover. Your acne will start to become smaller and smaller because there is nothing blocking the pores again . However , it does not mean that you are free to do anything during this process ( like ignoring your diet , not your emotional balance , etc. ) . What you need to do is to speed up the recovery process so that your skin will be restored to its original condition .

Here are the things that will help you to speed up the healing process :

- Eat more fresh vegetables and healthy
- Drink more water and fruit juices
- Rest more
- Clean your body
- Clean up your environment ( clothing , bedding , pillows , etc. )
- Exposing your skin to sunlight in the morning
- Breathe in the fresh air
- Perform relaxation

The things that will help you to increase the healing process faster . More importantly, do not repeat the cycle worse . From now on , you should do your best to prevent your acne from coming back .

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Green Tea Acne Treatment

In this article we will reveal the truth about how green tea can prevent disturbing points that many of us have to put up with in our daily lives . Imagine if small pimples that seem to cause so much torment and self-awareness can be eradicated simply by drinking tea . So make yourself comfortable , grab a cup of green stuff and lets find out what acne treatment really works . If you do not already have any of the green stuff , then I guarantee you 'll want some of this after reading this .

Causes of Acne

Those who suffer from acne experience freckles , pimples and cysts are mainly formed on areas such as the face, back and chest . Acne can be painful , embarrassing and can negatively affect self-esteem .

When treating acne , we need to look at the main causes for skin problems are annoying . The core cause of insulin resistance , hormone and yes you guessed it chocolate . Sorry just kidding , although chocolate is not meant to help . Inflammation is another cause of acne .


Those who suffer from acne usually have higher levels of systemic inflammation . This gives acne that looks red and swollen because of excessive inflammatory response duties . Many have reported inflammatory green tea has helped them . In epidemiological studies it was found that people who drink a lot of cups a day of green formula has little inflammatory damage than those who did not drink tea every day . This is very encouraging and may even be breaking ground when trying to heal the angry red spots .


Sex hormones can have a devastating impact on your skin , then why acne usually occurs in adolescence . But fear not, because studies have shown that the type of green tea can help keep hormone levels balanced . This works because the tea is sex hormone binding globule , which significantly reduces the levels of a certain type of hormone called bioactive hormone . A hormone called dihydrotestosterone ( DHT ) is known to affect the sebaceous glands . These glands produce an oily fluid called sebum . Too much sebum and you get acne , too little and you end up with sore , dry skin . Basically DHT increase production of sebum , which causes oily skin which in turn causes acne . Those with acne usually have high levels of DHT , the oily skin . Green tea can lower problematic high levels of DHT and helps prevent acne .

To sum ​​it up . The more we balance our hormones troublesome skin will clear .

Blood Sugar , Insulin and Weight Loss

Do you know high blood sugar levels promote acne ? Well it's true . This is why common knowledge equals brown spots there . If you want to keep your skin healthy and clear as possible then stabalising your insulin levels should be a priority . Drinking green tea regularly has been shown to positively affect insulin and even helps protect against type 2 diabetes .

In addition , green tea has been proven to help accelerate fat burning in the body and actually speed up your metabolism to facilitate weight loss . Why is this relevant ? In summary , obesity is a major cause of high blood sugar levels , so if you want clear skin you need to keep the fat off by avoiding unhealthy foods and of course green drink formula .

Therefore , for healthy skin watch your diet , empty carbohydrates , chocolate and candy will not help , but one thing is the consumption of green tea may be due to its ability to lower blood sugar levels and help with weight loss .


Okay now back to their antioxidant incredible ! The antioxidants in green tea called catechins , it helps fight free radicals in our bodies and keep us healthy . Now here's an interesting fact : as we all know helps us stay healthy vitamins , especially vitamins C and E. We are told to grow you need to eat fruits and vegetables to keep the doctor away , but get this . Antioxidant tea has been proven to be more than 25 times stronger to fight free radicals to keep us healthy . And with the support of an amino acid found in green tea called theanine which also strengthens your immune system , then you have a winning combination to fight poor health and acne .

So instead of grabbing an apple or an orange next time you have a virus , you may want to consider green tea acne solution .

Green Tea vs benzoyl peroxide

Applying green tea as a topical agent can work as effective as the standard prescribed cream : benzoyl peroxide . It is surprising when you consider the benzoyl peroxide is usually the preferred means of physicians to treat acne and reduce redness . What's more , is that green tea does not have nasty side effects , unlike benzoyl peroxide which can easily dry the skin and cause severe irritation . Yes , a green herb acne treatment to minimize the risk of side effects makes it a great substitute for those chemical -based creams . Instead of applying chemicals on your skin , why not consider using something more natural and equally powerful as green tea .

Acne Treatment Tips

1 . Drink plenty of fresh green tea every day . Approximately three to six cups per day on average should do the trick , but remember to be consistent and consume on a regular basis , not only on one of the base . It can be difficult to change to green stuff from black tea and white , but is determined and make changes to reap the benefits .

2 . Treat yourself with green ( Hulk ) tea facial mask . Simply take your green tea and grind it into powder form . If you have a green tea bag and then cut open the bag using scissors or if you have a capsule then separates the capsule to release the tea . Now using tea tree oil to transform your powder into a paste . Apply a mixture of green tea to your face and leave it for about 20 minutes . Make sure you avoid contact with your eyes and make sure to thoroughly wash the face mask completely with warm water .

3 . This is my favorite method and it's really simple . After making a pot of green tea , take the tea bag and apply a good acne effected area or place it on the area for a while . Make sure not to burn your skin when using this method to let the cool green tea bags . Do not forget to wash your skin green tea with warm water after you finish .

So What's Next

So there we have it , the type of green tea can be used to fight and prevent acne by reducing inflammation and redness to stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels , lower levels of harmful hormones . Green things that can significantly help no matter how severe acne .

If you are serious about not only improve your skin , but want to be healthy holistic then drink 3-6 cups of tea a day , coupled with a healthy lifestyle ( good diet and exercise plan ) can make major repairs to skin and overall health .

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Best Tips for Clean Skin

It's 6:30 . Monday morning . You get out of bed , try to open your eyes , contemplating what would you wear on the first day of school . Then shit , it hits you . This is the first day of school . You stumble to the bathroom , brush my teeth and start crap again , you have a beautiful bright red pimple on your forehead . Hit right in the middle of your T - Zone for all to see . So what do you do ? Exploring your makeup concealer for any green ( yes , green . 's Off set red ) , apply foundation , mix , and then apply the powder . Day - of acne is very difficult to handle , especially on your first day ! Here are some quick tips to keep your skin , such as Clean and Clear slogan , " clean , clear and controlled " pimple so big like this does not happen again .

Being teenagers seem easy but there are actually quite a lot going on in your life . Schools , Sports , Homework , social life , Friends , Events , Fashion , Beauty and all take your time so it's hard to fit in a simple skin care routine and finding time to figure out what works best for your skin . Did you know that water is the most simple and significant that you can do to keep your skin clear and healthy ? Yep ! Well read on for some simple tips which further will not affect your lifestyle .

Drink up !

As I mentioned earlier , water is actually a clear skin secrets that will definitely work for everyone . The recommended amount is 8 or more glasses a day to get the full take . Water flushes out all the toxins and helps maintain the hydration level of the skin to provide a clear glowing skin .


It is also another very important tip . Stop fussing with your face ! You have touched millions of new things this morning that you had for breakfast croissant when you go to the bathroom . I use hand and my fingers for everything and the hardest part is not to use my fingers to apply my concealer ! This is very important because the bacteria and oil from when you had a croissant now all over your face . We all know how the oil and sweat build up resulting in acne , well this is exactly what I'm talking about . Another place that harbors bacteria is your makeup brushes . Brushes better than I use my fingers , but they also should be washed at least once every two weeks . Bacteria breed in moist areas of make-up brushes make a breeding ground for bacteria . Brushes more commonly used or used for dry powders and make-up products can be cleaned every 2 weeks . It is very easy to do , wash with regular shampoo and conditioner and then leave them to dry over- night , finished ! So A. wash your hands , B. Do not touch your face , and C. Wash your brushes !

No, you can not eat pizza and fries only ..

Eat a balanced diet . I know very well when serving school lunch food such as pizza and breadsticks ( I used to eat pizza every day at lunch , let me tell you ) but eating it every day is not good for your skin . Oils , fats , and sugars are absorbed by your body and delivered to your skin . Not having a balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables along with your pizza can produce acne is very very frustrating .


You might think this should be the first step . Maybe so , but , if you do not drink enough water , eat a balanced diet , or stay clear of bacteria , no amount of cleaning your face do will stop your body from producing acne not only on your face , but everywhere . Once you have three steps down , then clean ! Cleaning is very important , it removes sweat and oil buildup that occurs during the day and overnight so it is important to clean up not only at night but also in the morning . You do not want to over- cleanse your skin , however . Being too much of a clean freak will strip your skin of natural oils and essential oil -producing sebaceous glands naturally you will go into over-load , so that the excess oil on the skin because of the senses you need more of a wash . Use a mild , soap -free , oil-free cleanser for your skin type and do not wash more than twice a day , morning and evening . It is also very important to shower immediately after physical activity . After-school sports are fun and they keep the skin and body healthy but sweat and dirt generated can linger on your skin that cause acne if not cleaned immediately . Because you are sweating not only on your face , the sweat on your back will also cause acne there too . Gross !

De - Stress Always

Stress is often a huge factor , especially when it comes time to search for and apply to college . Freshman Fifteen is where the famous come to play . This term has been used for decades to describe the number of pounds students wear when going to university but what is not known is that the " Freshman Fifteen " is not just the result of weight gain . The Freshman Fifteen started because students deal with the stress of entering into an entirely new environment . This stress causes poor dietary choices and lead to an increase in acne . Eliminate stress as much as you can to avoid bad diet , weight gain, and acne . If you are having problems with stress there are many things you can do to de - stress , just find what works for you . Walking , talking , walking and meditating all kinds of things that help people de - stress .

Remove your makeup at night

It can also fall into the " Be Clean " category but deserves its own section . I do all kinds of lazy and sometimes at night I just want to roll into bed without washing my face . This is why I keep cleaning wipes face with my table . If you do not wash your face at night at least you have to do is remove your makeup and cleanse your face with a simple facial cleansing wipes . Just as dirt clogging your pores causing acne , so did the makeup and especially foundations .

NO Smoking

It must be granted , smoking has been known to all the harmful effects on the body . If you do not know , smoking causes premature aging of the skin , exacerbating the damage caused by the sun , improves wrinkles , add a yellowish discoloration of the skin , and improve skin cancer . Smoking is a bad habit that is the most difficult skin to break but it will be worth your age and your life .

As you can see there are many different bad habits when it comes to skin care and may seem time consuming , but these tips are all things you should be doing every day anyway . Wash your face in the morning , go to school do not touch your face or eating unhealthy foods and greasy crazy , laid back , wash your face or remove makeup , go to bed . It is as simple as routine and you should be as simple as it can be ! Your face will shine clean and clear just by following a few simple tips !

Friday, July 5, 2013

Papaya to Fight Acne

Most of us assume that only oily skin prone to acne inflammation , skin oil or sebum traps dust and encourage the growth of bacteria that cause acne . However , the reality is that even dry or combination skin prone to acne problems . To add to the woe , skin types are more sensitive to over-the - counter acne products containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid and prescription ointment . This is where acne home remedies and came to our rescue in this case papaya is known to provide an effective and gentle solution . Let us investigate this !

What are the medicinal properties of papaya which makes it effective in treating acne ? Papaya can soften skin and lighten skin color . Raw papaya juice reduces inflammation , brown spots , pigmentation and blemishes famous extent . An enzyme proteins - soluble called " papain " that is responsible for the nature of acne - the battle of the papaya fruit . Not only that , papaya seeds and leaves of papaya contains cericin containing Capain alkalide who have acne - preventing and treating properties . Papain dissolves grease and unclogs pores , rendering your skin free of lipids . In other words , the outer layer of skin to peel to slough off dead cells and promote the growth of healthy cells . The juice of raw papaya can prevent the formation of pus , perhaps the greatest curse of inflammatory acne . Papaya -based ointments , soaps and acne products containing papain extracted from the unripe fruit .

Using papaya to initiate natural acne treatment is quite simple . The easiest method is to mash the fruit and apply it on the affected area . Or , use the paste all over your face as a mask , leave on for about 20 minutes until the mask dries and rinse with cold water . You can also make a mask of papaya and pineapple juice ( a mixture of ¼ cup of mashed raw papaya with pineapple juice 1 teaspoon raw ) to improve skin tone in addition to the removal of acne . Just pat juicy pulp in the face and neck using your fingers and lay down with a towel around the head and back of the neck , such as the mixture will be runny . You can really feel the product works through a tingling sensation . Rinse off after about 20 minutes . Alternatively , apply the juice of raw papaya on pimples area - earnestly inflammation .

It is clear that papaya has both preventive and restorative properties , namely papaya skin care routine to prevent acne and also get rid of acne that have emerged . In addition , papaya is an important part of a healthy diet . Papaya is rich in beta - carotene , a powerful antioxidant that prevents oxidative damage and increase the production of healthy cells . It also contains folate , vitamin A , vitamin B , and vitamin C , which is an important nutrient healthy skin .

A word of caution here is to avoid papaya if you are sensitive to latex . Pregnant women should also avoid treatment as latex can cause uterine contractions . Papaya has a very small amount of latex while papaya contains lots of latex , which can cause allergic reactions .

Thursday, July 4, 2013

5 Things Quick Simple can aggravate your acne

We know that most people who have acne also have sensitive skin . Problems with sensitive skin is that the skin is very sensitive to external influences , so if you do not treat it properly , you may worsen your acne or make your acne to spread all over your face . Even the simple things that can cause your acne to become larger . Here are 5 simple things you can quickly worsen your acne :

1 . Touching your pimples with your fingers

" Ouch ! Acne is very painful ! " You touch it . And you touch it again a few minutes later . Oh no , you scratch it , you pinch it , trying to force the whitehead to exit . My friend , if you often do , it will only damage your skin . While you are sure that it will not damage your skin , you will only trigger more acne appearing on your skin , in places you never thought before . So , refrain from touching your acne , apart from applying some natural acne spot treatment once in a while . Even so , you should do so only after you wash your face clean with fresh water .

2 . Eat eggs , meat , and beans

I know that the food is very tasty . Who does not like eggs , meat , and nuts ? I think everyone likes them . But , if your skin is sensitive , and you can easily have a breakout of acne , you have to be careful with the food . Eggs , meat , and nuts can easily aggravate your acne because they will promote the toxic build- up in your body , which will trigger acne appears very quickly .

3 . Changing your clothes is less than two times a day

Do you think that you always have clean clothes ? Not so fast , my friend . If you do not change it at least twice a day , your clothes will be home to the sweat and dirt from your body , especially if you do a lot of activities during the day . As a result , the sweat which will cause an unhealthy environment for your body . And remember that the body is dirty , sweaty , greasy and can be a great place for developing acne . So , change your clothes regularly in the morning and at night to keep your body clean . Do not forget to shower too , my friend .

4 . sleep late

Drinking and smoking while partying until morning is a lifestyle that is very common these days . But , did you know that sleeping late can cause more acne appears in your body ? Although you do not drink and smoke together with your friends , the effect is still the same . Sleeping late is not healthy for your body . Remember that your body needs sleep to restore skin health . If you do not give your body a chance to heal your acne , then you will only aggravate your acne in the end .

5 . Think negatively about everything

Did you know that so many good people who encourage you to have an attitude of positive thinking in your life ? That's right , my friend . Positive thinking can promote well-being . And of course , it can also improve skin health . When you think negatively about everything , you will tend to build up more stress and depression , which of course is not healthy for your skin . Stress and depression are very harmful to the mental health and your body , and they have caused so many people to commit suicide . More importantly, it is scientifically proven that stress can aggravate your acne . So , you should try to think positively about everything . After all , what have you got to lose by doing that ?

Those are the things that can aggravate your acne quickly . Are you doing some of those things ? If so , try to avoid doing things , okay ? This is for the health of your skin .

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Top 7 Tips to Cure Blackheads

Not reflect your beauty better than skin radiant, flawless , and clear . Few defects not only steal away the perfection of your appearance but also may reflect a careless attitude may lead to lack of routine cleaning skin and healthy skin and effective .

If you have not been able to get rid of blackheads even after using a lot of skin care products , the possibility that the treatment / product you use is not as good as they promise to be , or not very effective on your skin type . Blackheads are not always indicate a problem with cleanliness . In some cases , blackheads suggest a more serious skin problems or other health conditions and require medical assistance . If left untreated , blackheads can become infected and develop into blackheads or pimples large .

There are several treatments that have been proven to work effectively on blackheads and available over the counter . Here is a list of some drugs that have been used for years to help remove blackheads .

Salicylic acid treatment : Using an ointment or lotion with this component can help clear clogged pores and absorb excess oil .

Benzoyl peroxide : Using a treatment that includes these components as working materials such as antiseptic . It helps cleanse the pores and remove dead skin . Along with issuing blackheads also help keep infection away .

Retinoids : This is not only clear and peel off the dead skin but also affects the sebaceous glands and helps reduce skin oil production , thus attacking the root cause of blackheads .

When using a treatment with one of these components to get rid of blackheads , make sure that it suits your skin type and do not exacerbate the problem . It is always better to try it on a small affected area before starting to use its full .

If over the counter treatments do not help , or if you are the type who prefers to go by the recipe , see the skin care specialist can help you out with a stronger prescription medication and specific to your particular problem and skin type . Your dermatologist ( skin doctor ) may also suggest other ways of treatment such as :

Microdermabrasion : This is a type of treatment in which the skin rejuvenated with exfoliating scrub and remove the outer layer using a small crystal .

Manual removal : dermatologist removes stubborn blackheads by using a special tool to pluck out blackheads manually .

Chemical peels : This is also a kind of exfoliating agents with high concentrations of chemicals improved skin . High chemical components of the skin makes it absolutely necessary that specialists only use them on the patient's skin .

Laser or light therapy : This treatment is generally recommended for patients who have stubborn blackheads that do not respond to any other treatment . This treatment is expensive and requires a lot of sittings . Also , it does not work for all skin types and even where he worked magnitude of the effect can not be guaranteed . This treatment helps in getting rid of blackheads by pulling porphyrins in bacteria to break down the walls of bacteria and thus gradually help the troubled area to be free and clear of blackheads .

Your skin care specialist is the best person to advise the right treatment for you . Consult only a reputed and certified practitioners who have experience in performing the procedure . Right treatment will help you get rid of blackheads faster and with better effect , not to mention the side effects are minimal .

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Top Tips To Cure Acne

Most OTC drugs can not cure your acne completely . Why ? That's because they only focus on the symptoms of your acne , not the actual cause . You do not actually cause acne clogged pores , oil , bacteria , dirt , or high sebum production . The real cause lies deep within your body . It relates to your lifestyle .

Acne affects only . It does not show up on your skin from nowhere . It is caused by imbalances in your body , which requires your immediate attention . That's why the best treatment for your acne is not a topical treatment . It is a holistic treatment , where you will treat your acne inside out . This way , you will be able to cure your acne to the root .

Here are the top 7 tips to implement a holistic acne treatment to cure your acne :

    1.   Clean your body of toxins

The accumulation of toxins can cause an imbalance in your body . When your body accumulates too many toxins , it will be very difficult for your body to get rid of toxins . What will happen then ? Your body will then try to get rid of toxins through your skin . This is why you have acne now . Thus , eliminating toxins from your body is very important .

    2.   Keep your mind in a relaxed state

Your mind can also be the cause of your acne because of stress generated in the mind , and stress can lead to more acne . When you make up your mind in a relaxed state , you will be able to get away from stress , which is good for your skin because it can help you to cure your acne faster .

    3.   Avoid the bad things that can cause acne

Bad things like staying up late , pick your acne , use skin care products are harsh , use of drugs and chemicals to cure acne , eating too much junk food , your body overtime , and so can lead to more acne appear on your skin . You should avoid those things if you want to clear your skin of acne .

    4.   Follow a healthy lifestyle

Your lifestyle needs to support skin health . That's the focus of holistic acne treatment . It focuses on creating a healthy lifestyle that you can follow . It will promote a healthy body and healthy skin .

    5.   Have adequate rest

Rest is an important aspect of your acne treatment . Without adequate rest , you will not be able to allow your body to heal itself . By giving enough rest to your body , allowing you to relax and do the natural healing process .

    6.   regular exercise

Regular exercise can help to open your pores and maintain healthy blood circulation in your body . It will also help you to keep your body healthy . Having a regular exercise will help you to cure your acne quickly .

    7.   healthy diet

What you eat can also lead to more acne or reduce your acne . When you eat , you are nourishing your body . But , if you eat bad food , you actually poison your body . Thus , a healthy diet is needed to cure your acne from the inside .

They are the top 7 tips that you can follow to implement a holistic acne treatment to cure your acne . Try applying these tips today!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Acne Skin Care

To beat all the problems of acne and related skin problems , many over the counter ointments and medicines out there . whereas some show instant results , some may not work and may have some unfortunate side effects . With products chemically treated , there is always a risk close . To avoid it , and to have a cost effective and safe treatment of acne , just look in your kitchen cabinets ! Here are a few drugs that are tried and tested over many years to produce the most effective results possible :
Oatmeal : Oatmeal has wonderful properties to absorb oil from the skin and cleanse the pores are filled . You will use it as an exfoliate to encourage the most effective results for your skin . to form a package for your face , a cup of cooked oatmeal . a mixture of one tablespoon honey and half a lemon into it . Rub this mixture on your skin . allow it to dry and wash it off with warm water .

Lemon Juice : Every material has a slightly acidic properties can cleanse your skin free from acne problems . Lemon has citric acid which is very effective on your skin . All you want to try and do is rub a little slice of lemon over the affected area and allow to dry for a few minutes before you wash it . You will even incorporate a small amount of honey in lemon juice to get rid of the marks caused by acne .

Orange Peel
: As lemons , oranges have additional properties that make it a good strong acid for the treatment of acne . high vitamin C in orange peel makes it more effective than the juice itself. Allow to dry orange peel in the sun . Grind the dry skin with water to make a paste . Apply this paste to the affected area and let it stay for about a quarter of an hour . Wash your face with warm water for best results .

Aloe Vera : Aloe Vera is always legendary for its medicinal properties . use homemade or store bought juice may Aloe Vera has amazing results when it comes to effectively heal the scars caused by acne issues . it's a nice addition to the existing acne because it acts as an antiseptic . Inflation in the skin decreases as Aloe Vera juice applied . It should be applied twice each day for best results .

Or Indian Lilac Neem
: Neem is one of the most powerful ingredients fungal antiseptic and anti found in nature . it is effective not only for acne but useful for many skin problems . To use neem , soak in water overnight . after soft leaves , grind them into a paste and apply it on the affected area . Let the paste dry . You can even leave overnight if the infection is severe . Wash it with warm water .

With a bit of acne home treatment , results are not immediate . You have to be patient and diligent when using home remedies . it is an important addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle to prevent additional outbreaks . only in case of very severe infection , you will take the modern medical solution .