Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Acne and Age

One hard truth about acne is that you 're never too old for it . Acne does not always disappear after you have crossed teenagers . It is common to see people frown on their acne in their twenties , thirties and even forties . The good news is that acne can be treated regardless of your age . Awareness is the key , so why not get some more insight on this issue ?

Most of us know how teenage acne occurs . This is caused by hormonal fluctuations that cause excessive production of skin oils due to overactive sebaceous glands in your skin . Over the counter lotions and creams which help to remove excess oil can reduce acne to some extent . Combined with daily cleaning routine , teenage acne can be overcome with a good number of acne home remedies and topical treatments . However , adult acne needs to be treated differently . Treatment depends on whether it is late - onset persistent acne or pimples . The first occurred suddenly in spite of generally clear your skin , while the second remains of your teen .

What are the possible causes and implications of adult acne ? In addition to hormonal imbalance , adult acne can be caused by several factors , including genetics and lifestyle , especially stress . In women , the primary cause is pregnancy , menstruation and menopause sometimes . Side effects of certain medications , birth control pills and stop the use of oil-based cosmetic products can also cause acne . In some cases , acne may indicate a health condition or underlying disorder . For example , acne along with excessive facial hair , thinning scalp hair , overweight and irregular menstrual cycle could indicate a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome . The disorder is caused by high androgen and low estrogen levels and imposes a risk of infertility . Acne with fatigue may indicate a thyroid problem . Similarly , sudden acne accompanied by unusual thirst can indicate diabetes . In the case of type 2 diabetes , which inhibits wound healing abilities of your body , treat acne can be difficult .

Again, do not be intimidated because there are acne medications innumerable . First , when you face a sudden breakout of acne in your adult years , it is advisable to consult a doctor and get checked for the underlying disorder . Treating the underlying problem will discuss acne as well . But , if there is no such cause , the basic treatment of acne skin care you will be right . This is because adult skin is generally more sensitive skin than their teens and needs a mild cleaning products . Choose products that contain minor concentrations of benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid . The acne products can destroy the bacteria that cause acne and encourages exfoliation to encourage the growth of healthy skin . Use a moisturizing non - comedogenic which prevents pore - clogging . If you are too stubborn acne , it is wise to consult with a dermatologist , who may prescribe Accutane , Retin-A or antibiotics .

Consider your lifestyle and incorporate stress management activities , such as getting enough sleep, proper exercise , meditation , etc. This will help your body control the excessive production of stress hormones that can cause damage to your skin . Obesity contributes to recurring acne by increasing levels of androgens that trigger your oil glands . Managing stress and weight are very important to cure acne naturally .

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