Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Top 7 Tips to Cure Blackheads

Not reflect your beauty better than skin radiant, flawless , and clear . Few defects not only steal away the perfection of your appearance but also may reflect a careless attitude may lead to lack of routine cleaning skin and healthy skin and effective .

If you have not been able to get rid of blackheads even after using a lot of skin care products , the possibility that the treatment / product you use is not as good as they promise to be , or not very effective on your skin type . Blackheads are not always indicate a problem with cleanliness . In some cases , blackheads suggest a more serious skin problems or other health conditions and require medical assistance . If left untreated , blackheads can become infected and develop into blackheads or pimples large .

There are several treatments that have been proven to work effectively on blackheads and available over the counter . Here is a list of some drugs that have been used for years to help remove blackheads .

Salicylic acid treatment : Using an ointment or lotion with this component can help clear clogged pores and absorb excess oil .

Benzoyl peroxide : Using a treatment that includes these components as working materials such as antiseptic . It helps cleanse the pores and remove dead skin . Along with issuing blackheads also help keep infection away .

Retinoids : This is not only clear and peel off the dead skin but also affects the sebaceous glands and helps reduce skin oil production , thus attacking the root cause of blackheads .

When using a treatment with one of these components to get rid of blackheads , make sure that it suits your skin type and do not exacerbate the problem . It is always better to try it on a small affected area before starting to use its full .

If over the counter treatments do not help , or if you are the type who prefers to go by the recipe , see the skin care specialist can help you out with a stronger prescription medication and specific to your particular problem and skin type . Your dermatologist ( skin doctor ) may also suggest other ways of treatment such as :

Microdermabrasion : This is a type of treatment in which the skin rejuvenated with exfoliating scrub and remove the outer layer using a small crystal .

Manual removal : dermatologist removes stubborn blackheads by using a special tool to pluck out blackheads manually .

Chemical peels : This is also a kind of exfoliating agents with high concentrations of chemicals improved skin . High chemical components of the skin makes it absolutely necessary that specialists only use them on the patient's skin .

Laser or light therapy : This treatment is generally recommended for patients who have stubborn blackheads that do not respond to any other treatment . This treatment is expensive and requires a lot of sittings . Also , it does not work for all skin types and even where he worked magnitude of the effect can not be guaranteed . This treatment helps in getting rid of blackheads by pulling porphyrins in bacteria to break down the walls of bacteria and thus gradually help the troubled area to be free and clear of blackheads .

Your skin care specialist is the best person to advise the right treatment for you . Consult only a reputed and certified practitioners who have experience in performing the procedure . Right treatment will help you get rid of blackheads faster and with better effect , not to mention the side effects are minimal .

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