Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Facts About excoriated acne

Have you ever given in to the temptation to squeeze your acne ? While the occasional desire to choose a blackhead or whitehead general , obsessive urge to keep picking harmless skin . Encouragement to keep pressing and initial results are skin blemishes acne criticize , which manifests in the form of red bumps , scratches , open wounds or sores . Why would anyone purposely infuriate their skin ? How do you identify a person suffering from acne excoriating ? Is there a cure ? Read on to investigate .

The word " criticize " refers to scratches or peeling skin . Acne Problems criticized regarded as conduct disorder . It is common among adolescents , which connects them to their facial appearance . Hormonal imbalance associated with adolescent acne not only induce but also creates mood swings . Medical science says that this situation prompt teens to choose their skin to release tension or reduce their emotional pain . This disorder occurs among adults as well , and the woman said to be more prone to acne criticized .

Ironically , these acne sufferers really want to stop picking their acne , but they are bound by an irresistible urge to choose the skin . They may sit in front of the mirror for hours choosing their skin or even use a magnifying mirror to find small acne blemishes . Some even resort to tweezers , knives , pins, nail file , etc. Usually , picking occurs on the face , neck , upper back , arms and other easy to reach areas . Whether intentional or not consciously , choosing only increase the disorder , so set off a vicious cycle . Underlying emotional problems can be depression , anxiety disorder or obsessive - compulsive disorder .

Treatment varies from individual to individual , depending on the emotional state of the patient . It includes a combination of behavior therapy and the treatment of acne . Drug therapy usually involves antidepressant or anti - anxiety to deal with emotional issues related to the problem . Psychological counseling is mandatory for those who suffer from mood disorders . This will help identify the reasons impulses and figure out a way to divert the urge or feeling . In some cases , simply throwing a magnifying mirror can solve the problem !

Well , these facts may seem daunting , but awareness is key to preventing such unwarranted consequences . These facts can certainly help you distinguish the " occasional " desire to eliminate acne of " compulsive " urged to continue to choose your skin . The latter will eventually lead to a condition revolting - both physically and emotionally - that requires medical intervention . Imagine choosing your skin to the extent of permanent damage skin tissue and create a scar .

Acne is the result of hormonal changes that trigger excess sebum production , clogged pores so that support bacterial growth . For teenagers , it will subside as they get older . Regardless of age , there are many natural remedies acne , over-the - counter acne products and prescription treatments to resolve the issue . It is in your best interest to conquer acne and related problems and not pay attention to the temptation of picking and suffer dire consequences such as acne scars , open wounds and non - healing wounds .

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