Thursday, July 4, 2013

5 Things Quick Simple can aggravate your acne

We know that most people who have acne also have sensitive skin . Problems with sensitive skin is that the skin is very sensitive to external influences , so if you do not treat it properly , you may worsen your acne or make your acne to spread all over your face . Even the simple things that can cause your acne to become larger . Here are 5 simple things you can quickly worsen your acne :

1 . Touching your pimples with your fingers

" Ouch ! Acne is very painful ! " You touch it . And you touch it again a few minutes later . Oh no , you scratch it , you pinch it , trying to force the whitehead to exit . My friend , if you often do , it will only damage your skin . While you are sure that it will not damage your skin , you will only trigger more acne appearing on your skin , in places you never thought before . So , refrain from touching your acne , apart from applying some natural acne spot treatment once in a while . Even so , you should do so only after you wash your face clean with fresh water .

2 . Eat eggs , meat , and beans

I know that the food is very tasty . Who does not like eggs , meat , and nuts ? I think everyone likes them . But , if your skin is sensitive , and you can easily have a breakout of acne , you have to be careful with the food . Eggs , meat , and nuts can easily aggravate your acne because they will promote the toxic build- up in your body , which will trigger acne appears very quickly .

3 . Changing your clothes is less than two times a day

Do you think that you always have clean clothes ? Not so fast , my friend . If you do not change it at least twice a day , your clothes will be home to the sweat and dirt from your body , especially if you do a lot of activities during the day . As a result , the sweat which will cause an unhealthy environment for your body . And remember that the body is dirty , sweaty , greasy and can be a great place for developing acne . So , change your clothes regularly in the morning and at night to keep your body clean . Do not forget to shower too , my friend .

4 . sleep late

Drinking and smoking while partying until morning is a lifestyle that is very common these days . But , did you know that sleeping late can cause more acne appears in your body ? Although you do not drink and smoke together with your friends , the effect is still the same . Sleeping late is not healthy for your body . Remember that your body needs sleep to restore skin health . If you do not give your body a chance to heal your acne , then you will only aggravate your acne in the end .

5 . Think negatively about everything

Did you know that so many good people who encourage you to have an attitude of positive thinking in your life ? That's right , my friend . Positive thinking can promote well-being . And of course , it can also improve skin health . When you think negatively about everything , you will tend to build up more stress and depression , which of course is not healthy for your skin . Stress and depression are very harmful to the mental health and your body , and they have caused so many people to commit suicide . More importantly, it is scientifically proven that stress can aggravate your acne . So , you should try to think positively about everything . After all , what have you got to lose by doing that ?

Those are the things that can aggravate your acne quickly . Are you doing some of those things ? If so , try to avoid doing things , okay ? This is for the health of your skin .

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