Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Top Tips To Cure Acne

Most OTC drugs can not cure your acne completely . Why ? That's because they only focus on the symptoms of your acne , not the actual cause . You do not actually cause acne clogged pores , oil , bacteria , dirt , or high sebum production . The real cause lies deep within your body . It relates to your lifestyle .

Acne affects only . It does not show up on your skin from nowhere . It is caused by imbalances in your body , which requires your immediate attention . That's why the best treatment for your acne is not a topical treatment . It is a holistic treatment , where you will treat your acne inside out . This way , you will be able to cure your acne to the root .

Here are the top 7 tips to implement a holistic acne treatment to cure your acne :

    1.   Clean your body of toxins

The accumulation of toxins can cause an imbalance in your body . When your body accumulates too many toxins , it will be very difficult for your body to get rid of toxins . What will happen then ? Your body will then try to get rid of toxins through your skin . This is why you have acne now . Thus , eliminating toxins from your body is very important .

    2.   Keep your mind in a relaxed state

Your mind can also be the cause of your acne because of stress generated in the mind , and stress can lead to more acne . When you make up your mind in a relaxed state , you will be able to get away from stress , which is good for your skin because it can help you to cure your acne faster .

    3.   Avoid the bad things that can cause acne

Bad things like staying up late , pick your acne , use skin care products are harsh , use of drugs and chemicals to cure acne , eating too much junk food , your body overtime , and so can lead to more acne appear on your skin . You should avoid those things if you want to clear your skin of acne .

    4.   Follow a healthy lifestyle

Your lifestyle needs to support skin health . That's the focus of holistic acne treatment . It focuses on creating a healthy lifestyle that you can follow . It will promote a healthy body and healthy skin .

    5.   Have adequate rest

Rest is an important aspect of your acne treatment . Without adequate rest , you will not be able to allow your body to heal itself . By giving enough rest to your body , allowing you to relax and do the natural healing process .

    6.   regular exercise

Regular exercise can help to open your pores and maintain healthy blood circulation in your body . It will also help you to keep your body healthy . Having a regular exercise will help you to cure your acne quickly .

    7.   healthy diet

What you eat can also lead to more acne or reduce your acne . When you eat , you are nourishing your body . But , if you eat bad food , you actually poison your body . Thus , a healthy diet is needed to cure your acne from the inside .

They are the top 7 tips that you can follow to implement a holistic acne treatment to cure your acne . Try applying these tips today!

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