Saturday, July 6, 2013

Best Tips for Clean Skin

It's 6:30 . Monday morning . You get out of bed , try to open your eyes , contemplating what would you wear on the first day of school . Then shit , it hits you . This is the first day of school . You stumble to the bathroom , brush my teeth and start crap again , you have a beautiful bright red pimple on your forehead . Hit right in the middle of your T - Zone for all to see . So what do you do ? Exploring your makeup concealer for any green ( yes , green . 's Off set red ) , apply foundation , mix , and then apply the powder . Day - of acne is very difficult to handle , especially on your first day ! Here are some quick tips to keep your skin , such as Clean and Clear slogan , " clean , clear and controlled " pimple so big like this does not happen again .

Being teenagers seem easy but there are actually quite a lot going on in your life . Schools , Sports , Homework , social life , Friends , Events , Fashion , Beauty and all take your time so it's hard to fit in a simple skin care routine and finding time to figure out what works best for your skin . Did you know that water is the most simple and significant that you can do to keep your skin clear and healthy ? Yep ! Well read on for some simple tips which further will not affect your lifestyle .

Drink up !

As I mentioned earlier , water is actually a clear skin secrets that will definitely work for everyone . The recommended amount is 8 or more glasses a day to get the full take . Water flushes out all the toxins and helps maintain the hydration level of the skin to provide a clear glowing skin .


It is also another very important tip . Stop fussing with your face ! You have touched millions of new things this morning that you had for breakfast croissant when you go to the bathroom . I use hand and my fingers for everything and the hardest part is not to use my fingers to apply my concealer ! This is very important because the bacteria and oil from when you had a croissant now all over your face . We all know how the oil and sweat build up resulting in acne , well this is exactly what I'm talking about . Another place that harbors bacteria is your makeup brushes . Brushes better than I use my fingers , but they also should be washed at least once every two weeks . Bacteria breed in moist areas of make-up brushes make a breeding ground for bacteria . Brushes more commonly used or used for dry powders and make-up products can be cleaned every 2 weeks . It is very easy to do , wash with regular shampoo and conditioner and then leave them to dry over- night , finished ! So A. wash your hands , B. Do not touch your face , and C. Wash your brushes !

No, you can not eat pizza and fries only ..

Eat a balanced diet . I know very well when serving school lunch food such as pizza and breadsticks ( I used to eat pizza every day at lunch , let me tell you ) but eating it every day is not good for your skin . Oils , fats , and sugars are absorbed by your body and delivered to your skin . Not having a balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables along with your pizza can produce acne is very very frustrating .


You might think this should be the first step . Maybe so , but , if you do not drink enough water , eat a balanced diet , or stay clear of bacteria , no amount of cleaning your face do will stop your body from producing acne not only on your face , but everywhere . Once you have three steps down , then clean ! Cleaning is very important , it removes sweat and oil buildup that occurs during the day and overnight so it is important to clean up not only at night but also in the morning . You do not want to over- cleanse your skin , however . Being too much of a clean freak will strip your skin of natural oils and essential oil -producing sebaceous glands naturally you will go into over-load , so that the excess oil on the skin because of the senses you need more of a wash . Use a mild , soap -free , oil-free cleanser for your skin type and do not wash more than twice a day , morning and evening . It is also very important to shower immediately after physical activity . After-school sports are fun and they keep the skin and body healthy but sweat and dirt generated can linger on your skin that cause acne if not cleaned immediately . Because you are sweating not only on your face , the sweat on your back will also cause acne there too . Gross !

De - Stress Always

Stress is often a huge factor , especially when it comes time to search for and apply to college . Freshman Fifteen is where the famous come to play . This term has been used for decades to describe the number of pounds students wear when going to university but what is not known is that the " Freshman Fifteen " is not just the result of weight gain . The Freshman Fifteen started because students deal with the stress of entering into an entirely new environment . This stress causes poor dietary choices and lead to an increase in acne . Eliminate stress as much as you can to avoid bad diet , weight gain, and acne . If you are having problems with stress there are many things you can do to de - stress , just find what works for you . Walking , talking , walking and meditating all kinds of things that help people de - stress .

Remove your makeup at night

It can also fall into the " Be Clean " category but deserves its own section . I do all kinds of lazy and sometimes at night I just want to roll into bed without washing my face . This is why I keep cleaning wipes face with my table . If you do not wash your face at night at least you have to do is remove your makeup and cleanse your face with a simple facial cleansing wipes . Just as dirt clogging your pores causing acne , so did the makeup and especially foundations .

NO Smoking

It must be granted , smoking has been known to all the harmful effects on the body . If you do not know , smoking causes premature aging of the skin , exacerbating the damage caused by the sun , improves wrinkles , add a yellowish discoloration of the skin , and improve skin cancer . Smoking is a bad habit that is the most difficult skin to break but it will be worth your age and your life .

As you can see there are many different bad habits when it comes to skin care and may seem time consuming , but these tips are all things you should be doing every day anyway . Wash your face in the morning , go to school do not touch your face or eating unhealthy foods and greasy crazy , laid back , wash your face or remove makeup , go to bed . It is as simple as routine and you should be as simple as it can be ! Your face will shine clean and clear just by following a few simple tips !

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