Monday, July 8, 2013

3 Steps To Cure Acne Naturally

Many people think that curing acne is not an easy thing to do . That may be true , but curing acne itself is actually a simple thing to do . If you follow the simple process of natural methods of healing acne , then you will be able to cure your acne for good . However , the time it takes for you to cure your acne will really depend on how you take care of your skin and how persistent you follow this method . You can cure acne naturally by following 3 simple steps .

Step # 1 . Resist All Your Acne Development

First of all , when you look at the spread of acne on your face , you should try to stop development in your skin . This means that you need to avoid your acne from spreading even more . You have to stop your acne from getting worse . So , you must stop all activities that can cause acne to get bigger and worse .

For example , these are the things you should avoid when you have acne :

- Eating junk food
- Pinching Your Acne
- Touching your face too often
- Extreme fatigue
- Stress or emotional imbalance
- Dehydration
- Using drugs or drug -free

If you are able to keep your acne under controlled conditions , you will finally be able to heal naturally . Avoiding things is the first step towards freedom of acne .

Step # 2 . Remove Whiteheads

Your acne becomes greater as there are whiteheads in acne that keeps blocking your pores . Whitehead will cause inflammation in your skin . To find out if you still have acne whiteheads or not , you can touch your acne gently with the back of your hand and if you feel sick , then it is an indication that the whitehead has not been removed . If you follow the first steps carefully , you will have a greater opportunity to eliminate your whiteheads from your acne . This is necessary because unless you whitehead will be deleted , your acne will not disappear .

So , the next step you need to do is to remove the whitehead you of your acne . But remember , you can not do this firmly . This will only create more inflammation and make your acne worse the next day .

Step # 3 . Speed ​​Up the Process of Restoration

After whiteheads you will be removed from your acne , then you will no longer have to worry about it . Your skin will naturally begin to recover. Your acne will start to become smaller and smaller because there is nothing blocking the pores again . However , it does not mean that you are free to do anything during this process ( like ignoring your diet , not your emotional balance , etc. ) . What you need to do is to speed up the recovery process so that your skin will be restored to its original condition .

Here are the things that will help you to speed up the healing process :

- Eat more fresh vegetables and healthy
- Drink more water and fruit juices
- Rest more
- Clean your body
- Clean up your environment ( clothing , bedding , pillows , etc. )
- Exposing your skin to sunlight in the morning
- Breathe in the fresh air
- Perform relaxation

The things that will help you to increase the healing process faster . More importantly, do not repeat the cycle worse . From now on , you should do your best to prevent your acne from coming back .

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